Five things to know before your same day dental implant procedure

Cost/Price, Dental ImplantsJul 30, 2019

same day dental implant procedure

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Placing dental implants to support dentures was traditionally a lengthy process. Today however, new technology and methods allow for same day dental implants to be possible. These incredible advancements make placing and securing the implants fast, easy, and affordable

Here are five things you need to know about same day dental implants:

Your Dentist Will Want to Get to Know You Before the Same Day Procedure

Before your dental implants are placed, you can expect to have a consultation with the dentist who will be performing your procedure. They’ll ask you questions about your dental health, your medical history, and your reasons for wanting implant supported dentures as well as your goals for your smile. 

Your Dentist Will Make Sure that a Same Day Procedure is Right for You

Same day dental implants aren’t right for everyone. There are a number of scenarios in which your dentist may offer you a multi-step procedure extending over a period of time. For example, if you have any infection of the gums, bone loss, or other possibilities which can potentially complicate the dental implant to be secure. In such cases, your dentist may offer you a slower procedure which includes a few extra steps to ensure your mouth stays as healthy as possible with the best results for you. 


Consider Giving Your Mouth Extra Time to Heal Before Permanent Dentures

Although same day dental implants can significantly shorten the time needed for dental implant placement, your dentist can give you temporary dentures while your mouth heals instead of putting the permanent dentures on right away. This option is recommended for most patients if they have time for a less invasive same day procedure and a long lasting permanent smile. 

Same Day Implants Provide a Faster Return to Normal Daily Life

Same day implants can ensure you get back to your normal life quickly. The traditional tooth restoration can take months to complete, but with the same day dental implant procedure, you can have temporary implant supported dentures right away and a permanent smile restored in short order. 

if you have visible tooth loss in the front of your mouth, same day implants can be the swift solution you’re looking for. Having your natural looking smile back can increase self-esteem and self-confidence and help you feel at ease in the office, at school or during social events.

Same Day Dental Implants are Slightly Different than Traditional Dental Implants

The same day dental implant is not for everyone nor is it possible for every case. Same day implants are not the same as same day implant supported dentures. These are two completely different procedures. It is fairly simple to place one or even four implants in the same day and all in the same treatment. However, when they need to be connected to the denture, it can be a bit more complicated. 

The system typically uses only 4-6 implants per arch of teeth. Allowing a full upper or lower denture to be mounted on those four implants.  There are many other ways of doing implant supported dentures, some of them can use up to 6-8 implants which require significantly more healing time. In most cases, implants can be placed immediately following any needed extractions to avoid dry socket.

Considering same day dental implants to support your new dentures and give you a terrific smile? Ask our dental team if this procedure could be right for you.



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