Why All-On-4 Dental Implants May Not be the Solution You Thought It Is

Cost/Price, Dental Implants, ProcedureSep 2, 2019

All on 4 dental implants

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You’ve likely heard of All-On-4 dental implants from some sort of advertising. Perhaps you saw an internet ad, or a dentist in your area offering a special on the procedure. At first glance, All-On-4 seems great. The system allows you to replace an entire arch of teeth with a prosthesis resting on just four dental implants. However, this solution bears closer examination.

All-On-4 is Profitable for Dentists

All-On-4 is usually cost-effective for patients, although the costs can’t match the savings you’ll experience with New Smile. But All-On-4 is very profitable for dentists. This fact is why you see so many dentists offering the procedure. The upfront costs for the dentist are small since the procedure requires little verified training or certification.

All-On-4 Requires Extensive Training and Experience

Additionally, All-On-4 requires extensive training and experience to be done right. Frankly, the procedure should never be performed by an inexperienced dentist. All-On-Four is not taught as part of standard dental school education. In other words, a dentist must invest significant time and money to receive the training necessary to place All-On-4 safely.




The Arrangement and Placement of Implants are Crucial

All-On-4 is complex because, while the procedure only uses four dental implants, the arrangement and placement of these implants are crucial. Two implants are placed straight into the bone, but the other two implants are angled. These implants must be positioned at a precise angle with little room for error.

Even when all four implants are placed correctly, All-On-4 sometimes fails. This happens because only two of the four implants, the implants in the back of your mouth, are bearing almost the full pressure of your bite. Patients have reported failure of their All-On-4 implants as soon as seven weeks after placement in some cases. When failure occurs, expensive, time-consuming revision with added discomfort is necessary.

A Better Alternative

All-On-4 may appear to be an ideal answer to tooth loss, but the reality is that major problems have occurred. We did the research to make sure we provide only the best solutions for our patients. With New Smile, you will receive care from a local dentist in your area who has is an expert placement of your implant supported denture. Whether you need an upper jaw, lower jaw, or a full mouth restoration, your New Smile dentist has both the education and expertise.

New Smile is Your Clear Choice

Implant supported dentures are an excellent, tried, and proven method of teeth replacement, superior in many ways to conventional dentures. We understand that this restorative option can represent a significant expenditure, but your teeth are crucial to your daily life as well as to your self-esteem. There is no need to trade outstanding quality and expert care for an affordable cost. With New Smile, you can have it all.


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