Affordable Dental Implants An Overall Comparison of Options Today

Cost/Price, Dental ImplantsAug 21, 2019


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Implant supported dentures are unquestionably the most advanced option in teeth replacement. Unlike conventional dentures, implanted supported dentures are incredibly secure, stable, and functional. You can have the smile you want, the ability to eat any food you like, and the self-confidence that comes with both these features. However, cost must necessarily factor into your consideration of teeth replacement possibilities because affordable dental implants are hard to come by.

A Fraction of the Cost

Fortunately, New Smile offers high-quality, functional dental restoration combined with excellent affordability. In fact, our prices are a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for implant supported dentures. Take a look at the numbers:

According to the American Dental Association the cost of a single arch (jaw) implant supported denture is no lower than about $15,000 anywhere in the US. In California, one of the most expensive markets, you can expect to pay around $25,000, but New Smile can provide you with an upper or lower arch implant supported denture for only $10,900. Our price is well below the national average and less than half of the average cost in California, saving you approximately 56%.

If you need implanted supported dentures for both arches, your full mouth, you’ll also enjoy significant savings with New Smile. The typical price for both arches of implant supported dentures is $30,000 to $40,000 in California, but our price is only $17,900. Simply put, you save up to 55% on full mouth implant supported dentures placed by an expert dentist near your home.

Please note that prices may vary in cases such as bone grafting, sinus lifts, or other additional steps. However, most patients are good candidates for implant supported dentures without supplementary procedures.




Avoiding Hidden Costs

Extra costs can quickly add up with other implant supported denture options or with conventional dentures. For instance, you’re simply wasting money if you have to replace your dentures every couple of years. New Smile has eliminated this problem.

We only use titanium implants and the highest quality implant supported dentures. Our implants have a lifetime guarantee, and the dentures come with a five-year guarantee, as long as you follow the care rules and guidelines. We stand behind the quality of our implant systems and the expertise of our dentists.

Also, you’ll find that you avoid travel costs with our network of local dentists. Instead of flying across the country or needing to arrange overnight lodging, you can have your implant supported dentures placed by a skilled dentist in your area.

Consultation for Your Customized Solution

Additionally, many dental implants providers charge for consultations. This is never the case with New Smile.  Our consultation is always free of charge.

At our Free consultation, New Smile patients receive a quote for their customized treatment. This is your final price. No hidden costs. No after the fact surprises.


New Smile is Your Clear Choice

Implant supported dentures are an excellent, tried, and proven method of teeth replacement, superior in many ways to conventional dentures. We understand that this restorative option can represent a significant expenditure, but your teeth are crucial to your daily life as well as to your self-esteem. There is no need to trade outstanding quality and expert care for an affordable cost. With New Smile, you can have it all.


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