Denture Sores and Other Common Denture Problems: Finding the Right Solution

Dental ImplantsOct 17, 2019

denture sores

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There’s no question that dentures can be invaluable for those coping with teeth loss. Dentures can give you the ability to speak normally and assist you in enjoying most foods. However, conventional dentures commonly come with a host of issues, including denture sores and slippage.

A Less-Than-Secure Fit

These problems are due to a less-than-secure fit. Simple adhesive pastes and gels are all that hold conventional dentures in place. This tenuous grip permits your dentures to shift around in your mouth, sometimes only an imperceptible amount. But any degree of shifting means that your dentures do not fit properly – a difficulty that may not only cause you to limit your diet and avoid your favorite foods but can also lead to denture sores.




Source of Infection

When conventional dentures are not secure, they rub or abrade your gums. Over time, this movement can cause denture sores on your delicate gingival tissue. These sores are not just painful – they may also be sources of infection and prevent you from wearing your dentures as often as you should.

The Right Solution

Implant supported dentures from New Smile avoid the problems of conventional dentures. Instead of using adhesives, implant supported dentures are fully secured by dental implants that anchor into your bone. This arrangement means you receive an excellent fit without the need for messy pastes.

Your secure implant supported dentures are not prone to slippage, so there’s no need to worry about rubbing, abrasions, or the resulting denture sores. Also, you’ll be confident in eating any foods you choose without being concerned about your dentures shifting.

Finally, most patients report they find implant supported dentures to be more comfortable than conventional dentures. This opinion is not surprising. Conventional dentures usually rest on your gums. Implant supported dentures, as you probably inferred from the name, rest on dental implants. So, the pressure on your gums is lessened with implant supported dentures, particularly when you chew.

Make sure that your dentures have a precise and secure fit by selecting implant supported dentures by New Smile.


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