Can You Really Get Same Day Dental Implants?

Dental ImplantsMar 27, 2019

Can You Really Get Same Day Dental Implants?

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You’ve probably heard of the “one day dental implant” – but can you really get dental implants in one day? The answer is yes but varies from person to person and depends on their bone health.  

The best candidates for one day dental implants will have a mouth that’s already in very good shape. If you have healthy gums, a strong jaw bone, and extractions already taken care of and completely healed.

What if your oral health doesn’t meet the criteria?

You may still be able to receive dental implants in one day if you choose the right dental expert and the right plan for you.

The first step is to set up a consultation with a dental expert who will provide you with a complete examination to determine your readiness of the procedure. The examination will include either an x-ray or CT scan of your teeth and jaw bone. Anything that might require amendments will be identified. At the end of the examination, you should have a clear path to achieving the brilliant and functional smile you deserve.

What to consider before implants are placed

Although each case is individually assessed, there are a few procedures you might need to consider either before or during the implants are placed.

Extractions, making room for your dental implants and implant supported dentures

Any damaged, decayed, or misplaced teeth will need to be gently removed to make room for your dental implants and implant supported dentures. This can be done as a same day dental implant procedure. There is actually an advantage to performing extractions and implanting immediately thereafter. This is because the gums can provide an excellent, healthy grounds to work with. It is ideal when dental implants can be securely placed where the teeth were already extracted. This allows for the bone to heal around the new replacement “tooth root” created by the implant post quickly. Although the thought of extraction may sound alarming or even painful, the process is done under anaesthesia and all measures to ensure your comfort.  

Determining the perfect implant placement

The dental expert will carefully examine and identify the strongest points of your jaw. Once the examination is complete the perfect implant placement can be designed to ensure your implants longevity and health. If teeth have been extracted in the past, your jaw may have areas with bone loss . This might affect the option of same day dental implants and may require a small bone graft to provide a solid foundation for the new implants. Once the best points for implant placement are identified, the titanium posts will be placed in the jaw to provide a support system for the dentures.  

Temporary Dentures until your custom moulded dentures are completed

Once the implants are placed, our experts might place a temporary denture. The temporary denture won’t have to be removed for regular activities. You’ll have the ability to talk, eat, and smile normally while your mouth fully heals and complete the implant procedure on the same day. The temporary denture allows to perform any needed follow-ups and ensure your implants take hold. During that time, your custom moulded denture will be made in a lab. When completed your new teeth will fit and function as your own.  

Permanent Dentures are carefully crafted to give you the smile of your dreams

After healing is complete, you’ll return to our office to get your permanent dentures. Your final set of teeth will be carefully crafted to give you the smile of your dreams. Each tooth is scientifically positioned to give you a comfortable bite, a solid functional chewing surface, and an even, attractive smile. Once your permanent denture is placed, you’ll simply commit to a normal care and maintenance routine.  The routine consists of adherence to at-home oral hygiene and regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist for cleanings and gum care.

Contact New Smile to find out if you are a candidate for same day dental implants. We can help you get the smile you deserve, which could happen faster than you ever imagined.

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