Home or Abroad: The Price of Dental Tourism

Cost/Price, Dental ImplantsJul 10, 2019

Dental Tourism

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Cost savings and price transparency are the top reasons for the phenomenon known as ‘dental tourism’. It is no longer uncommon for people who require complex dental care to seek an alternative solution overseas. Dental insurance simply hasn’t kept pace with the high cost of dental treatments in the U.S. But is dental tourism really the answer?

Dental work in the United States is Expensive

Lower prices for dental procedures can be offered abroad for a number of reasons like lower education costs, lower insurance rates for practicing dentists, lower labor costs and less regulation and oversight. 


Considering the true overall cost of dental procedures outside the U.S.

When calculating the real cost of dental tourism, you have to look at more than the base cost of the treatment itself. If you travel abroad for dental implants or another dental procedure, you’ll have to take into account all of the following:

  • Cost of the procedure
  • Cost of travel (airfare, etc)
  • Cost of housing (hotel or B&B or on site at a higher end dental spa)
  • Time off of work
  • Multiple trips for pre-appointments, the procedure, and post-care.
  •  Potential need for work to be redone if it isn’t performed properly

Does lower cost mean lower quality?  

Liability is a factor that must be considered. Overseas clinics don’t fall under U.S. jurisdiction, and therefore cannot be held accountable in the US. and most definitely not to the standard upheld by US dental professionals. It is crucial to have at least a basic understanding of the government regulations on dental treatment in the country you’re considering for dental tourism. Conditions in which you receive your treatment may not be up to the standards you would expect.

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What about after-care or if something goes wrong?

Not every dentist in the U.S. will be willing to deal with follow-up treatments from foreign dental treatments. This could mean you have to stick around in the country where the treatment was received until all follow-ups are done. Or in an even less convenient scenario, you’ll need to make multiple trips for multiple appointments. 

In the very unfortunate case where something goes wrong with the procedure you opted for overseas, obtaining care and proper pain medication might not be as available. 

Overall, you may find that the cost of dental tourism may not render any true savings at all. In most cases, it means entering a world of risk and uncertainty. 

The fact is, many Americans today simply can’t afford treatment for their dental procedures and will continue to give up on the high quality dental care they deserve. 

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