We at New Smile know that a great smile can make a world of difference. Whether you lost your smile due to an accident, poor care, genetics, or are suffering from chronic pain, New Smile can help restore your smile and regain your confidence by replacing damaged or missing teeth with beautiful, strong, and healthy Implant Supported Dentures that can give you a smile you can be proud of.


Implant Supported Dentures VS. Traditional Dentures

Implants Prevent Premature Aging.

The Over-Implant System Prevents Premature Aging

Our Over-Implant System are implanted into your jaw, helping restore and maintain its health. Permanent implants help rejuvenate your skin and face’s youthfulness and help your mouth stay healthy longer.

Implants Prevent Premature Aging.

Dental Implants Look and Feel Natural

Removable dentures feel rubbery and unnatural and have to be removed over night. Implant Supported Dentures look, feel, and work just like original teeth, providing more comfort and better self-confidence.

Implants Prevent Premature Aging.

Implant Supported Dentures Are Easy to Care For

Implant Supported Dentures are designed to mimic natural teeth, stimulating your gums and jawbone to keep them healthy. These are not your grandma’s dentures! No nightstand cup, no glue, just comfort.

Implants Prevent Premature Aging.

Implants Prevent Bone and Tooth Loss

Implants are rooted into the jaw with stable and strong titanium roots that protect the jaw just like roots of real teeth. The titanium root stimulates the bone underneath it and keeps the rest of your mouth healthy and strong.

About The Treatments

To get the smile you deserve, New Smile’s Dentals System implants three to four titanium based dental implants in each jaw. These implants replace and mimic the root of weakening teeth, bond to the jaw, and secure your smile. Our highly sophisticated labs and engineers custom-craft each denture to fit your unique facial structure, so your smile looks natural and healthy. Whether you require upper jaw, lower jaw, or full mouth dental restoration New Smile’s Implant Supported Dentures System promises high quality dentals at an unbeatable price.

Full Mouth Restoration

When electing a full mouth restoration, both upper and lower jaws are implanted with four titanium implants, to provide your jaws, gums, and teeth a strong, supported smile that will last a life time. Because the titanium implants are the strongest and most hygienic implants, your smile will not only be fully secured, but your teeth will function just like natural teeth. The procedure is done in one visit and allows you to get back to your life in little to no time.

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Lower Jaw Restoration

Some may experience the loosening of their bottom jaw teeth  due to a variety of factors. The loss of just one tooth can cause a domino effect, with adjacent teeth being lost one by one. Lower jaw restorations use four to six implants to support a denture that recreate your customized perfect arch of teeth, giving you back the smile you deserve!

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Upper Jaw Restoration

The upper arch of teeth is complex and requires special attention. When restoring the upper teeth, the goals are to create a smile that aligns with your aesthetic and provide the functionality to chew and speak naturally. An implant supported denture can provide you with the smile you deserve. For upper jaw restoration, just four carefully placed dental implants can support a full upper denture, giving you a straight, even smile and long-lasting results…

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